October 14, 2012

Meeting called to order by President Martinelli at 10:16 AM

Secretary's Report containing Minutes from March 18, 2012 presented and APPROVED

Treasurer's Report presented in handout and ACCEPTED

   MIAA notice discussed; reminder that any and all discussions with MIAA conducted and run through MBUA before distributed among local boards

GOC meeting information tabled to January  (Mike DelGrosso)

Strike One reemphasized as policy from MIAA. They want it fully utilized.

Concussion education requires annual certification

AAU issue;

Walter Bentson provided background update and has submitted a fact sheet to AAU assigners and the MBUA. Major change in status quo which is schedule to become policy for umpires working AAU games. Much more on this later.
   Old Business
Electronic Meeting. $150 cost to utilize.
  New Business.  100 Inning fundraiser schedule for October 21 and 22 at Adams Field in Quincy. Fifteen six man crews. MBUA voted on $100 donation to Angel Fund, this year's beneficiary. Walter Benton's outstanding work for this event applauded and recognized.
Election for VP. Rich Gaitane and Paul Caron nominated and seconded. Rich announced by President Martinelli as the winner.
Fred Simm welcomed as incoming President and Steve Martinelli recognized for his superb effort as President. Fred announced 2013 meeting schedule. January 27, 2013; March 10, 2013; June 2, 2013 (Tentatively) and October 20, 2013, Business Meeting and Election.
Adjourned at 11:01 am.
Respectfully submitted.