MBUA Meeting Minutes
March 18,2012
Algonquin HS

* Meeting called to order by President Martinelli at 10:11

* Secretarys Report
1/22/12 Meeting Minutes Approved      Chabot/Walker

* Treasurers Report
Accepted                              Chabot/Matthews

* Correspondence
MIAA posting officials personal information
Discussion: (Quimby,Fredericks,Walker,Martinelli)
Matter tabled to October

Hampshire/Franklin (HF) clarification about transferred memberships
Discussion: (Matthews,Martinelli,Andrade,Walker)
The letter received from HF was correct in understanding;a suspended member from one MBUA group may not just transfer membership without qualifications for membership being met.

Concussion certification issues
Discussion: (Martinelli,Walker)
Concussion certification is needed for MIAA sanctioned games and must be acquired yearly through the course offered by the National Federation of High School Sports (NFHS). Summer league baseball is out of the MBUA relm of responsibilty. Each local association can handle their matters out of high school ball as they see fit.

Strike One Policy
Discussion: (Martinelli)
The policy is still in affect and has aided in better game management when used effectively.


Electronic Meeting
Discussion: (Martinelli,Simm,Clews)
Toll free number (800#) - .06 per minute - meeting scheduled on Tuesday March 20
Motion to to table; Chabot/Crossman PASS

North County request to create new MBUA membership
Discussion:  (Vantre,Forcier,Stilluto,Walker,Delaney,Martinelli,Simm,Cruz,DelGrosso,McFarland)
Motion to accept application: Walker/Dwyer  DENIED


Discussion: (DelGrosso,Mason,Martinelli)
Questions about BBCOR have been referred back to the NFHS guidelines for BBCOR - NFHS Rule 1-3-2 and NFHS Rule 1-3-2-d

Collision Rule
Discussion: (Mason,Martinelli)

* Meeting adjorned at 11:02